Hear what clients are saying about Lisa Kane Brown

“Lisa helped me understand how the different arms of the system work in child abuse cases and a child advocate’s role in each of those areas.”

-Sean P. Kilkenny, Esquire, Montgomery County Sheriff


“I’ve worked with Lisa Kane Brown on many cases over the years. Her tenacity and dedication to her clients and her craft is unmatched.“ -Kristen Gibbons Feden, Esquire

“I have worked with Lisa Kane Brown in her role as a child advocate and can honestly say she is one of the most knowledgeable, effective, ethical, and careful professionals I have had the honor of meeting. She also served as a professor in my Department of Clinical and Forensic studies and was very well received by the behavioral science students in-training.”

-Stanley S. Clawar Ph.D, CCS, Professor Emeritus- Rosemont College

Author and CLE Trainer for The American Bar Association

Lisa became the voice of reason for my son and I during a prolonged belligerent custody battle, at a time when my family and I had lost confidence in the legal system. She kept the focus on what really matters: the protection and the well-being of my child.

“If you are looking for an attorney of integrity, call Lisa Kane Brown.

In addition, being an excellent listener and articulate communicator, Lisa is also very empathetic and generous with her time.  Her calm and compassionate demeanor provided my family  with an emotional anchor throughout a painful, contentious process. 

With Lisa’s sound judgment, effective communication with the court, and her protection and moral support, my son emerged from distressing circumstances as a high achieving student and motivated young man, who now has a bright future ahead. Thank you Lisa!”