Author: Lisa Kane Brown


As a nation, as a world, we have been understandably preoccupied with the COVID-19  pandemic. We have been worried about our physical health, our mental health, our finances, our  families, and of course, our children. Kids are anxious, frightened, and forced into a situation  where they have been stripped of life as they know it. […]

Here We Are Again

Here we are again.  A second go-around with what was likely considered the unthinkable just a year ago.  But as health experts predicted, the 2nd wave of the pandemic has hit us with more fortitude and fury than the first.  As a result, schools and sports are shutting down.  While this move may be necessary […]


I’m sick of saying it, you’re sick of saying it, we are all sick of hearing it: “These are unprecedented times”.  Well, they are but frankly all of us are exhausted.  What happens when we are exhausted?  We tend to let our guard down, take our masks off and dismiss advice to distance ourselves from […]

The Lifelong Impact of a Life of Violence

Once again, the United States is dealing with the aftermath and violent unrest of a fatal police shooting.  This one in our beloved city, in broad daylight, with dozens of witnesses.  There are too many social, racial and socio-economic issues to address in one essay.  Too many to address in one newscast, newspaper article, protest, […]

“For God and Humanity?”

Yesterday, the Pope made big news.  In a new documentary, he declared gay people are “Children of God” and therefore entitled to the same civil rights as “traditional couples”.  Great!  But what about the actual CHILDREN who have been ignored, paid off, dismissed, ostracized and denied basic human rights AND a right to justice because […]

Secondary Traumatic Stress

Ok, so most of us haven’t used air-travel in a while.  But we all know the in-flight drill before take-off.  The flight attendant goes over safety procedures in the case of an emergency.  Now, the instinct of a parent or caregiver is to ensure the safety and well-being of their child before themselves, if the […]

Yes, In Your Backyard

    Last week, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office announced the arrest of a former Germantown Academy teacher for engaging in a sexual relationship several years ago with his 17-year old student.  Shocking?  Maybe for an elite private school community which may erroneously believe abusers are boogie men off the street.      Let’s […]

The Bystander Effect

If you have ever seen the show “What Would You Do,” you know as an audience you have to suffer through set-up bystanders witnessing a horrific or shameful act and not doing anything about it.  Then, at the end of the episode, hidden cameras finally capture a good citizen executing a noble intervention.  There’s lots […]

Decades of Abuse at the Curtis Institute of Music, Another Failure of Our Children 

While feelings of enragement compelled me to write this particular blog, I simultaneously was overwhelmed with sadness at the realization sexual predators are able to torture and damage their victims for years—sometimes decades, all because of institutional enablement.  The Curtis Institute of Music is the latest example of how an organization’s reputation and endowment eclipsed […]

“Cuties”: Misplaced Rage

The film “Cuties”, a self-described “coming of age film”, which according to the director, criticizes the hyper-sexualization of adolescent girls, is being widely criticized for promoting the exact culture it is claiming to demonize. Regardless of personal interpretations of the film, let’s use the current hurricane of media attention (and political opportunism) to jump start […]