Training for Law Enforcement and Private Sector Professionals

Create a culture of awareness and prevention of child abuse. Learn how to better prepare child victims for court and effective techniques for self-care.

Whether it is through webinars or a series of in-person training sessions, I will build for your organization a curriculum emphasizing awareness and encouraging action. Your sessions will not be iterations of government-issued handbooks (I can hear you sighing in relief).

Instead, I take my years of experience in the courtroom, classroom and the community to encourage a shift in how we recognize abuse and institutional failures.

Your training will help create a culture in which people are not just required but eager to do the right thing.

Many law enforcement and private sector professionals whose work involves children lack the resources to create a culture of child protection, while caring for themselves.

The training I provide creates a culture of awareness and prevention of child abuse, along with resources to better prepare child victims for court, and effective techniques on self-care for those who do the work.

My attendees often feel like superheroes who are getting justice and creating a safe environment for children – and they feel great about it!

How you’ll benefit from Lisa’s training:

• You’ll be better equipped to address child victims and adults in their lives
• You’ll feel more in control and confident in handling child abuse cases
• You’ll have the tools to create a culture of awareness and prevention of child abuse
• Your organization can stand apart as a safe environment for kids
• Reduced levels of stress and secondary trauma.

Who is Lisa Kane Brown?

With a background as both a teacher and an attorney, my mission is to educate individuals, communities, institutions and law enforcement on how to recognize and report abuse.

I am an active attorney in Pennsylvania, providing independent and objective analysis on issues surrounding child abuse and trauma.

With a Masters of Education Degree and years of experience in the classroom, I will help ensure your leaders are educated in creating safe environments for children.

Stop stressing and feeling powerless.
Start feeling like the superhero you are.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell me about your needs – schedule a free 30 minute consultation
  2. I design a custom training for you and your organization This is no cookie-cutter webinar. Your training will address your specific needs.
  3. Attend the training. You will get tools that you can use right away to help children and reduce stress.

Your training program will be customized to meet your organization’s needs and will be priced accordingly.
Discounts for law enforcement.