Training with Lisa Kane Brown

Training with Lisa Kane Brown

  • Child abuse awareness and prevention training
  • Training for prosecutors, law enforcement, and collateral agencies in handling cases with victims
  • Investigations of institutional failures to protect children

Institutional Compliance Training

With a background as both a teacher and an attorney, Lisa’s mission is to educate individuals, communities, institutions and law enforcement on how to recognize and report abuse. 

Whether it is through webinars or a series of in-person training sessions, Lisa builds a curriculum emphasizing awareness and encouraging action.  The sessions are not iterations of government-issued handbooks.  Instead, Lisa takes her years of experience in the courtroom, classroom and the community to encourage a shift in how we recognize abuse, discrimination and institutional failures. She helps create a culture in which people are not just required but eager to do the right thing.

From CEOs, to University Presidents, to Elementary School Principals, Lisa’s unwavering message is change occurs first, at very top.  With a Masters of Education Degree and years of experience in the classroom, Lisa will help ensure your leaders are educated in the most up to date legal compliance. Her progressive, yet empathetic and gradual approach helps protect the community at large and the solidifies your company’s reputation as accountable, responsible, inclusive and socially aware.