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About Lisa Kane Brown

About Lisa Kane Brown

Child Advocate Attorney, Civil Litigator For Abuse Survivors, Expert In Child Protection & child Safety, Child Abuse And Trauma

I am Lisa Kane Brown, a child advocate attorney and civil litigator for abuse survivors, specializing in child protection and trauma, based in Norristown, PA.

I firmly believe that every child deserves a loving, safe, and happy home. My trauma-informed approach ensures that each survivor receives the specialized care and advocacy they need.

With a background in education, I understand the lasting impact of adverse childhood experiences and serve as a vital voice for children in criminal, dependency, and family courts.

My expertise in child protection and trauma has enabled me to assist countless children and families in navigating the legal system and finding the support necessary for healing. My focus goes beyond winning cases; I aim to create brighter futures for those I represent.

In addition to direct advocacy, I am committed to spreading awareness and preventing child abuse through training programs for prosecutors and law enforcement.

Leveraging my professional network, I strive to ensure that my clients are genuinely supported and guided toward brighter futures.

Professional portrait of Lisa Kane Brown, a child advocacy lawyer in Norristown, PA, specializing in abuse cases, adoption assistance, and child abuse civil litigation in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Every child deserves to live in a peaceful, loving environment and be granted the opportunity to experience happiness and thrive.

As a former teacher, I witnessed the devastating effects of child abuse firsthand. However, I quickly realized that reporting suspected abuse was just the first step. I yearned for more involvement in the process, which is why I went to law school with the aspiration of becoming a child advocate.

For many years now, I have been tirelessly volunteering as a child advocate, providing free legal representation to children in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, who have been victims of crime, abuse, and neglect.

My passion for giving these neglected children a voice, and doing everything in my power to ensure their safety and well-being, has only grown.

Testimonials for The Law Offices of Lisa Kane Brown, LLC

With Lisa’s sound judgment, effective communication with the court, and her protection and moral support, my son emerged from distressing circumstances as a high achieving student and motivated young man, who now has a bright future ahead.

Mother of a Child Client

I’ve worked with Lisa Kane Brown on many cases over the years. Her tenacity and dedication to her clients and her craft is unmatched.

Kristen M. Gibbons Feden

Nationally acclaimed litigator, speaker and MSNBC Legal Analyst, Saltz Mongeluzzi & Bendesky P.C.

I have worked with Lisa Kane Brown in her role as a child advocate and can honestly say she is one of the most knowledgeable, effective, ethical, and careful professionals I have had the honor of meeting.

Stanley S. Clawar Ph.D, CCS

Professor Emeritus, Rosemont College

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